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2023 Update

Posted on 17/02/2023 05:12:22 AM GMT

Recently I have hosted new stuffs related to my website as well as for other stuffs. Let's get into it.

I2P eepsite

Yep, I am also now in I2P network as well! This website is now mirrored as an eepsite at this helper link or this b32 address so now you can be fully cut off from the clearnet and still be able to access my contents.

I will also host other stuffs on I2P as I recently upgraded my VPS to finally be able to do so. In fact, I already started hosting a reseed server which will hopefully get used by the I2P maintainers for the next release of I2P.

You can also contact me through I2P services by these:

Expect me to do more stuffs with I2P in future.

Gitea instance

I also started hosting a Gitea instance where all of my personal projects' source code will be hosted from now on. I have no plans to make registration open for the public as for now.

Public Matrix Rooms

I also opened my new matrix rooms where you can chat with me and other people following my website. You can join it here.